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Video Editing Timeline

Lachlan Davis

Lachlan is a highly skilled video editor and motion graphics artist with over a decade of experience.

Editor for the show Religion for Breakfast


Nebula TV is an educational streaming platform. I edit one of their shows Religion For Breakfast. Between Nebula and episodes released on YouTube the show has an average viewership of 1.5 million people per month. You can read a verified review of one of my episodes which has over a million views, from the creator of the show below:

"Lachlan is an incredibly talented and creative editor. He followed instructions and captured my vision accurately, but he also has a creative flair himself. He would reach out during the editing process to bounce his ideas off of me, which 100% elevated the video to new heights. Moreover, he is professional, friendly, and punctual. An absolute delight to work with."
Andrew Henry from Religion for Breakfast

Editor for FilmCore on YouTube

FilmCore is an entertainment YouTube with over 1 million subscribers. The show applies 3d animation to answer questions about pop culture. I have edited episodes and sponsored brand segments. 

Advanced Motion Graphics and Map animation

I am a highly skilled motion graphics animator. I can work with character animation, physics simulations, rigging, 3D and more.

Compelling stories and edits

10 Years Video Editing and Filming in the Wedding Industry

Organisational highlight videos

Story: St Luke's preschool wanted a video highlighting an acknowledgement of country that they had worked with local elders to write.

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